Product Designer @ LinkedIn NY. Previously at Iris Rover, Venmo, PayPal and Apple.

Disclaimer: I graduated from the Information Systems + BHCI undergrad program, so I was not exposed to the disadvantages stated below. CMU undergrad is truly an amazing program, and I loved every minute of it. I strongly recommend to all high school students/college transfer students considering it.

Alright, it’s about…

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“I’ve finally graduated from a university program/boot camp, so I applied for product designer roles, but I’m not getting any responses. I think something is wrong, but what is wrong?”

It’s easier than ever to get into Product Design today. There are more formal university degrees and programs related to…

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June 2020 update: The White House recently announced the pause on H-1B immigration into the US. This does not affect F-1 visas nor the OPT program mentioned in the article. It only impacts those that currently hold the H-1B, and are overseas. The suspension is expected to last until 12/31/2020…

by Nathaniel Shuman,

A lot of people are looking into the MDes and the MHCI program @CMU to become some sort of a User Experience (UX) Designer / UX Researcher / Interaction Designer / Product Designer (not in the traditional industrial design sense, I mean the new “product designers” a.k.a. …

Environments Studio IV, Spring 2019 — Antonio Song


Visual language is universal — code is not.

While user-centered design principles have certainly made today’s products much more user-friendly and intuitive, we have also learned to protect users from the complexity of these products.

Features and functionalities that utilize complex computations and data relationships are practically concealed from users…

By Antonio Song, Carnegie Mellon University, Class of 2020.
Information Systems + Human-Computer Interaction.

Design tools used: Sketch, Principle
Project Duration: 6 days

Design Challenge Brief


Congratulations! You’ve been hired by Expiry. Expiry is a new food delivery service that only delivers food from grocery stores and restaurants that are just meeting…

By Antonio Song, Carnegie Mellon University ’20
Information Systems + Human-Computer Interaction.

Design tools used: Sketch, Principle
Project Duration: 1 week

Introducing: University Community 💁‍

The central hub for university groups and events.

Final Product

Design Challenge Brief 💼

LinkedIn is a place where people can connect to people they know, in order to share professional experience and…

Antonio Song

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