A shopping assistant that makes going green easy

Project background

CarbonCash is a green consumer app that makes your everyday green purchase decisions easier than ever, with a diverse set of environmental metrics for everyday consumer products, and a financial incentive program that rewards green purchase decisions.

Problem space

To steer our society into a more environmentally-friendly direction, a collective fusion of individual efforts is key. However, one of the biggest hurdles in this transition is the “intention-action gap” — while many people have the intention to go green, the action conversion rate is significantly lower. According to an HBR survey, 65% said they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, yet only about 26% actually do so — a classic example of an intention-action gap.

User research

After performing user interviews with 6 students of diverse ages (19–27), we discovered three areas of key problem areas that CarbonCash could address.

Initial Informal Interviews, Oct 6, 2019

Problem space #1: Limited knowledge/access

  • People don’t go green primarily because of their limited knowledge of going green, (except popular options such as recycling) and recycling is too much hassle depending on location
  • Not enough information to be conscious of carbon footprint
  • Only conscious about packaging and shipping, not enough info about other

Problem space #2: Lack of motivation

  • Not enough motivation to go fully green — lack of accessibility and knowledge
  • Results of their actions are not clearly visible

Problem space #3: Financial pressure

  • Going green feels more expensive
  • No, since I care about how much money I can save, and how much value I get

Opportunity space

Based on the user research synthesis, it became apparent that there are multiple problem areas that are preventing consumers from going green. Here’s our strategy for tackling this problem space:

Addressing: Limited knowledge/access

  • Providing easy environmental information that allows quick and effortless decision making
  • Highly visible indication of environmental metrics and green alternatives that helps consumers discover another way of going green — through purchasing greener products with intentions

Addressing: Lack of motivation

  • Lowering the barrier to green purchases which results in higher motivation
  • Boosting motivation through:
  • a) financial incentive tracking
  • b) environmental impact tracking
  • Showing what kind of societal impact they’re making as a community
  • Map of neighborhoods, and impact — competition

Addressing: Financial pressure

  • A financial incentive program that accumulates benefits when consumers make greener choices
  • Transparent indication of price differences for greener products

Product Ideation

We came up with several core features that would capture the opportunity spaces that we’ve identified.

Industrial Environmental Performance Metrics, National Academy of Engineering
  • AR scanning feature that reveals easily digestible environmental rating
  • Similar items recommendation that is more environmentally friendly
  • A reward program that offers higher rewards for items with a higher environmental rating.
  • Easily track your reward progress and your environmental impact
  • See where you can spend your rewards through participating stores
  • Track your community impacts through an interactive map and real-time activity feed.

Final Designs


A comprehensive hub for your environmental progress, rewards, stores, and community

The dashboard was designed to stimulate the users both environmentally, and financially. You get easy access to rewards tracking, environmental score tracking, access to partnering stores to use the rewards and check your contribution to the community.

Your performance

Track your rewards accrual and environmental impact performance

You can track your weekly and monthly trends for your rewards accrual and environmental score so that you can plan ahead for your upcoming purchases.

Your community

See how you’re performing within your community,

You can see your environmental performance in regards to your community in terms of percentile. Also, you can see how actively your community is spending the reward points in real-time. See you else is using CarbonCash around you!

Community Map

How is your community doing?

Compare how your neighborhood is performing in relation to other neighborhoods. Get competitive and see if you can help your neighborhood become the top in the area!

AR scanning

Shopping decisions made easy

The AR scanning feature lets you easily scan items in any participating stores, and check for their environmental score and rewards. With CarbonCash, making conscious shopping choices has never been easier!

Detailed environmental information

Learn something that you never knew before

Participating stores provide detailed environmental scores about the items they carry within the store. An easy format of this information has never been publicly available for consumers, and CarbonCash helps you easily understand the environmental ratings of the items.

Hi-fi Wireframes

Feel free to look at my hi-fi wireframes. I’ve spent countless hours making sure that the visual craft is perfect in these screens.




Product Designer @ LinkedIn NY. Previously at Iris Rover, Venmo, PayPal and Apple.

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Antonio Song

Antonio Song

Product Designer @ LinkedIn NY. Previously at Iris Rover, Venmo, PayPal and Apple.